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5 Important Online Tools For SEO

5 Important Online Tools For SEO

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SEO is very important part of blogging and all the bloggers will have to give importance to SEO to get blog profitable and improved. Every blogger need to have a SEO guidelines and if you are unaware of SEO significantly you’ll be able to also consider getting SEO service for your weblog. You need to keep an eye on all of the important aspects of SEO and be sure that all your links work effective.

The following are 5 important online tools for SEO. It will help you to track all the important factors of SEO. These 5 important online tools for SEO are totally free and speedy to use.

1. Quarkbase:

This is one of the most popular SEO tools. Quarkbase provides you all the important data about any web site which include the website traffic, popularity in terms of social media, which are the most popular posts of the website and many more important features. So when you wish to gather all the important information about your or competitor’s website then Quarkbase is designed for you.

2. Majestic SEO:

This may be a simple yet useful tool. We all know that backlinks have a vital role in SEO of any website and Majestic SEO helps you to monitor the backlinks of website that too quickly and easily. It offers you an organized report consisting of which kind and how many inbound links your website is generating like edu, gov, nofollow, redirects etc.

3. W3C Linkchecker:

It is commonly suggested that your web page should not contain any broken links because it repeals both readers along with search engines like google. Therefore it is best to keep a record that your site don’t have any broken links. W3C link checker allows you to check the broken links of your webpage that too for free.

4. Online webcheck:

OnlineWebCheck services check for Html document problems of your websites which can affect your search engine ranking. It offers you fast report on your HTML or XHTML problems of your website and do provide a brief solution for same.

5. Keyword Density Checker:

Keyword Density Checker tool by iWebtool allows you to check out the keywords show up on your website or you may also keep spy on your competitor’s webpage. iWebtools do offer other helpful tools aside from keyword density checker like Google Banned Checker, Google PR Prediction, Multi-Rank Checker and more valuable SEO tools.


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