Tuesday, January 11, 2011

5 Tips to get your blog indexed by Google fast and free

On most of occasions bloggers are on mercy of googlebot to get their blogs indexed in google.But there are ways to virtually dictate googlebot to index your blogs.One such technique,which is much talked about,is to place your link on a website with high page rank.But for this you have to spend some bucks because not even a single webmaster will exchange a link with a new blog.Here in this post I will tell you five tips to get your blogs indexed free and fast.

With these tips google will index your blog within 24-48 hrs. and best part is its all free.You can use one tip or all five tips together.OK,then get yourself a fresh cup of coffee and read out this post.

#Tip-1-Comment on a page with high page rank and place your link as signature, then ping the url on which you have commented.

How does it work?

The principal is simple.You placed you link on a blog or forum with high pagerank and then told googlebot that you have placed the link by pinging the page on which you have commented.

Let us suppose you commented on a page, www.exampleblog.com/post/html. Now go to autopinger.com and ping this url.Googlebot will come to crawl that url and while crawling it will find you link.Isn't this simple??

#Tip-2- Sign up for a account in google webmaster tools and verify your site.

How Does it work?-
Google webmasters tool is completely free service.Once you sign up for a free account,you will be asked to add your site.Add your blog's url there.Then search for the verify link there and click it.Choose metatag as verification method.Gooogle will provide you with a metatag.Copy and paste that metatag into your template just beside opening "head" tag.

Now you are done.Just click the "Verify" button.Googlebot will crawl your blog to find the metatag you have pasted and in the process it will index your blog.

#Tip-3- Sign up for a google analytics account and place tracking code in you template.

The working of this tip is pretty much similar to tip-2.Once you place tracking code in your template and hit "check" button, googlebot crawls your site to ensure you have placed the code right.Again in the process of checking, your blog is indexed.

#Tip-4- Sign up for an Adsense account with your blog's url.

You might get confused here but its true that you can use adsense for indexing your site faster apart from earning money.Let me explain things in some detail-

What happens when you sign up for an adsense account?You get a message saying-"Your site will be reviewed before acceptance in our program".Now,who reviews your site/blog.They are not human editors ,instead googlebot reviews the sites for adsense program.

Now you can guess it.After you sign up for adsense, google bot or spiders crawl your website to review it and also indexes it while reviewing.Normally reviewing is fast ,taking about 24-48 hours and in next 24 hrs. after a review your site is indexed. Isn't this cool !!!!!!

#Tip-5- Submit sitemap of your blog (your blog's feed) in google webmasters tool

This tip is straight forward.Just submit your blog's sitemap in your webmasters tool account. Google indexes the url's in the sitemap pretty quickly. Almost all search engine experts recommend submitting a sitemap for faster indexing.

Important note:These tips work best when used in conjunction with each other.Best practice would be to use all 5 tips concurrently.
Now,I guess, you are able to dictate googlebot for indexing your blog faster and that too without spending a single penny from your pocket.
Enjoy !!!!!


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