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Your Instant Site - From the Creator of 4 Minute Money & PeelAwayAds!

The “Instant Site” That Got My Wife on OPRAH

How a Total Internet Newbie Turned a Simple Passion Into An Incredible Oprah Opportunity in Less Than 5 Months…

First let me get this huge disclaimer out of the way.
Nothing you will read is endorsed by Oprah Winfrey,
the Oprah Winfrey Show, Harpo Studios or any entity
remotely related. Not the YourInstantSite service,
not this site, not this story, not me, and not my wife.
Here’s how it happened…
A site that we set up “instantly” directly resulted in my wife getting on The Oprah Winfrey Show. True story.
I’m not talking about one of those B.S. sites that people hand out to promote ‘their’ product or anything like that.
I’m not talking about the “business in a box” templates people pass around either.
And I’m not talking about any sort of Private Label Resell Rights (PLR) site that converts for crap because whomever created it spent less time on the sales letter than they did creating the name of the product.
As great as that all sounds – someone handing you a magic button that cranks out money with no effort on your part – that just doesn’t exist.
And if you really think you’re going to make tons of money with something like that, then you’re absolutely insane.
No no. The idea behind “Your Instant Site” is NOT that we’re giving you some sort of “magic button” web site that spits money at you. I mean, please, think logically about this for a second
Now, really… If I could instantly create sites that would make me tons of money over and over again with no additional effort on my part, why in heck would I tell you about it? Seriously. Why would anyone tell you about it? I mean, if you had a magic button that pumped money out every time you clicked it, would YOU give it to anyone? Of course you wouldn’t.

Unfortunately, there is no magic button.
(or is there???)

A magic button that “spits out money any time you press it” has never existed and never will, yet people have always been selling it and will continue to into the future.
Because, sadly, that’s the story that sells. People want so badly to believe this magic button exists, when someone tells them that it’s there, they simply must have it. And then they spend the rest of their lives buying the same story over and over again because they’re convinced that the story is true – but somehow that magic button just didn’t work.
But, at the end of the day, what those salesmen are really just telling us (and selling us) what our ears want to hear.

So what is “Your Instant Site?”

It’s something so easy that you may think it really is a magic button.
The moment after you join, you’re instantly given Three Key Foundations to build your online business upon:
  1. FIVE Instant Sites that search engines love
  2. Traffic-Getting Software
  3. Training on Getting Started & Beyond

Here’s exactly what you get with “Your Instant Site”:

Again, no B.S. here. If you’re unhappy for any reason, you can just cancel at any time.
Also, since your order is processed by ClickBank, one of the most trusted names on the internet. You also have a money-back guarantee as well.
So, in addition to being able to cancel at any time, you can also request a full refund for up to 2 months (60 days) & get all your money back. No questions asked.
The bottom line is – there’s really no risk on your part. You’re only putting up $4.95 for the first 7 days & you have full access to everything

I. FIVE Instant Sites

  • First we show you how to PICK YOUR NICHE, No Wasting Time with Difficult Technical Stuff – Just Point, click, and your site is set up within seconds
  • No Need to Search the Web for Good Designs – Choose from over 200 professional pre-installed themes, or find a new one (there’s 1000′s)
  • Even Easier For You – We walk you through even the most basic steps to get you up and running instantly
  • Not Much More To Say Here – It’s So Easy.
    You Sign Up, You’ve Got a Site.

II. Traffic Software That Brings Visitors to Your Site

  • Custom software that automates much of the hassle of promoting your business
  • Shows you step by step, where to go, what to do, and how to do it for getting thousands of visitors like my wife did
  • Cutting edge social media campaigns are ‘instantly’ created
  • Works on PC & Mac because it’s built with Adobe Air
  • We’ll also show you one ingenious technique Andrea implemented that skyrocketed her in the search engines (that was ultimately how the Oprah Winfrey Show contacted her… imagine how this will allow your customers or important people to find YOU)

Here’s some more that the YIS Traffic Software does for you:
  1. Takes the guesswork out of where you should post your content.
    All of the best sites are already built in.
  2. Removes the need to submit your videos only to YouTube. The YIS Automator does what it says: Automates your video’s submittal to 55 Video Sites (yes, including YouTube).
  3. Provides you with unlimited profiles and directories – tactics that work. You’re not going to be using safelists, gmail, or forum spamming.
  4. Smoothly and rapidly creates incredibly profitable results by providing your content to knowledgeable visitors who want exactly what you’re offering.
  5. Leaving your competition with its tail between their legs by providing your customers with over 100 unique opportunities to find what they’re looking for – social sites, blogs, video sites, and search engines – when everyone else has their one website and either pays for high listings or hopes for the best
  6. Magnifies your profits by boosting your visitor quality and giving your new customers exactly what they were seeking
  7. Shoots your rankings through the roof by automatically rotating titles, descriptions, tags and paragraphs – adding fresh content – adding an immediate boost to your natural search listings, trust and most importantly – sales.
  8. Delivers results – overnight! These tactics have enabled #1 rankings in as little as four hours. From within one day to a few weeks – you’re going to see proven results.
  9. Saves you time by doing your work for you so you don’t have to! And makes the time you do spend working more constructive. The software Autofills all your info saving you hours of typing. Now you can think about improving your business instead of spending time filling out every form.
  10. Build a truly loyal audience on your blog who will not only listen to you but they’re going to want to buy from you.
  11. Gives your rankings an even bigger kick in the pants by automatically rewriting content, switching around paragraphs, and add in as many variations as you want!
  12. Reaches a wider and more sophisticated audience – the universal links will enable you to connect across a diverse spectrum while podcasts can help you reach ipod and iphone users.
  13. Fully connects you with your clients with videos that engage, social networking sites that build relationships, and news releases that educate about what they want to learn.
  14. Keeps your product in the spotlight and in front of contemporary, educated groups with 59 Blog & RSS Feeds
  15. Makes it simple for you with an approach that you’re going to get used to.
  16. Aggregators, 26 Podcast Directories, and much more.

III. Beginner Business & Traffic Training Videos

  • No Guesswork – We take you by the hand and show you step-by-step what you need to implement (we could just ‘tell’ you what to do like everyone else does, but even I find that confusing… instead we give you the software that automates the processes and show you exactly what to do so there’s no guesswork for you)
  • Understandable Effective Info – Instead of saying that we’re giving you ‘everything’, you’re going to get only the most effective techniques for generating free traffic… Andrea didn’t implement all this crazy nonsense that most people can’t understand, she just did the basics (the basics that Google LOVES by the way)
This is just a TASTE of all the Training That’s Included:
  1. Getting Started – How to Choose Your Niche & Get Your Site Custom to Just You
  2. Using Niche Social Networks (and the Big Boys, too) for Pulling Traffic Like a Mad Man
  3. How to Get in the Head of Your Customers in 15 Minutes or Less So You Can Create Energy-Pumping Promotions.
  4. Putting Your Site & Content Submissions on Auto-Pilot with RSS and other Powerful Methods.
  5. How to Conquer the Highly Visited Social Bookmarking Sites and Pull People Over to Your Site in an Instant.
  6. How to use the Instant Rewriter feature in the software to turn one 500 word article into an INFINITE number of possibilities that you can submit to 100′s of sites lickety split.
  7. How to Get Traffic. Lots of Traffic. Lots of Free Targeted Traffic.


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